Changing Seoul, 100 Days of Experiment

About This Project

2016 Seoul Innovation Park Living Lab
“Changing Seoul, 100 Days of Experiment”



In July 2016, Seoul Innovation Park’s Living Lab called for a project proposal in living lab social innovation experiment with a total prize of 250 million Won under the name of “Changing Seoul, 100 Days of Experiment.” The purpose of this project was to solve various urban problems of Seoul through citizens’ ideas and involvements.
During one month of application period from July 13th to August 15th, 48 innovative experiment designs were submitted. Through two expert review processes, final six projects were chosen and each received the financial support of about 30-50 million Won.
· Making “Happy Parking Lot” Sharing Alleys

Happy Parking Lot Resident Committee of Doksan 4-dong
This is an experiment to solve the severe parking problems in the alleys in Seoul. The purpose of this project is to change the alleys full of resident-priority parking lots to the “common areas”, so that more parking lots can be shared.


· BETTER REnew Project for Better Life

– Social Venture ENLIGHTEN
This is an experiment to give new life to the wireless domestic appliances that are no longer in use by changing the old battery cells. Along with the new concept of “Town Electronic Stores”, the purpose of this project is to revive the culture of fixing and re-using the domestic appliances so that the fixable machines are not thrown away.


· Developing Participative Integrated Education System for Development Disabled and Non-disabled Students

– Peach Market
This is an experiment to provide books and friends to development disabled teenagers. The purpose of this project is to develop a reading habit among development disabled teenagers through interactions with the non-disabled teenagers in the same age group who would be reading mentors for them.


· Making VR Maker Space for Psychological Treatments for Teenagers

– Sentimental Playground
This is an experiment to treat teenager problems through VR new media technology. The purpose of this project is to make VR Maker Space for psychological treatments so that teenagers can create and experience cultural art by themselves.


· Community! Take Back the Economy Project
– Moa, The Community Economy Network of Mapo
This is an experiment to construct a community economy model by active consumer movement. The purpose of this project is to make a sustainable economy community where the actors are the consumers and the community who share the profit from the economic activities.


· Constructing Support Service Network for Independent Living of the Disabled
– Angel’s Heaven
This is an experiment to construct a local service network to ensure independent living of the disabled. The purpose of this project is to provide customized service for the disabled by cooperating with the local service providers such as restaurants, laundry shops and hospitals.


The selected six organizations implemented the experiment that they designed for about 100 days from the end of August to the beginning of December. Two main cases will be introduced further in more detail.