Technology based social innovation project teams

We are supporting makers’ social contribution and social innovation activities. It is also supporting the whole costs of materials for the project aimed at solving social issues. We are waiting for the participation of many makers that want to help solve social issues through individual creativity and technological edges.


Precious Plastic (Plastic Waste reprocessing)

Machines that recreates plastic items by smashing, melting and pressing out plastic wastes.


Tech Capsule(Eco-friendly construction using robotic arms)

Applies various functions of robotic arms to constructions projects. Makes evaporative cooling system made of ceramic extruder.

BAATBOT(Urban agricultural automation robot)

Develops an automated farming robot that can work in an empty space of a house or in the downtown area.


ARVR Lab(Application development for the neglected class of people)

Develops education contents and wearable AR products for the technologically neglected by integrating augment reality and virtual reality.



Tangerine Lab(IoT furniture for stay cats)

Creates Cat Tower, a remote-controlled nest and playground for stray cats.