Space of Seoul Innovation Park

Seoul Innovation Park Guide Map

Working space

Discussing and researching solutions to complicated social issues
Future Field

Office space for groups that moved in Seoul Innovation Park. Facilities are prepared where a variety of activities are available, including Co-Working Space, conference rooms and seminar rooms, as well as separate offices.

Specialized places

Experiencing innovation in person
Theater Park

Pop culture-based space where citizens can learn, make, and present a play in a joint workshop under various subjects, including media, pictures, and music.

Food Park

Food-themed space including a food community and a joint studio to discuss a new paradigm of food culture.

Wood Park

Wood-working space where professional experts reside with working tools and offer classes on carpentering according to the level of expertise of students. One can make furniture by oneself.

Art Park

Once a waste water disposal facility. Cultural art projects and art experiments are conducted by integrating and collaborating in various genres.

Upcycling Park

Space where various activities are conducted to come up with ways to use abandoned resources, e.g. toys, banners, and pianos, for different purposes.

Maker Park

Wood-working space where professional experts reside with working tools and offer classes on carpentering according to the level of expertise of students. One can make furniture by oneself.

Community Park

Handmade sellers’ works are displayed and a sharing library is operated in the citizen’s participatory space with a charming resting place in the empty space of the building.

SeMA Park

An exhibition space that uses old building structure, e.g. wood shelves and walls. Various art programs are running all year round with Seoul Museum of Art.

Oupdoor places

Fostering various innovative activities
Hello, Innopark

The gateway to Seoul Innovation Park. It boasts unique structures, including 5V House, an observatory while listening to music, and Nomadic Garden made of recycled electronic products.

Inno Square and Piano Forest

There is an old piano in Piano Forest and parking lines exist no longer in the Seoul Innovation Park. This unique space is used for a resting place for citizens during weekdays and a special place for a variety of cultural events.

Artist Garden

A space surrounding Light Pole House, which was created using the lighting tower of an old tennis court. Experiments are conducted from time to time to fill structures with no purposes with art and imagination.

Innovators’ Village

Innovators experiment innovation in life while residing, e.g. Honey Root House to raise bees, or Energy Self-contained House to live independently with no electricity or gas.

Innovators’ Playground

From children to adults, citizens can meet innovations while playing and having fun in a hard-to-find, imaginary place.

Space for generations

Where young and old men have their own voices
Youth Field

Run by Seoul Youth Hub and young people in an effort to encour-age young people to carry out more activities. A variety of youth groups are working in this place for those who are ready to do something great.

Seobuk 50 Plus Campus

A place where those aged 50 or more (50~64) can learn together and make by themselves. Operated by Seoul 50 Plus Foundation, it runs facilities available for a variety of meetings and learning.

Space for connection

Where innovators and citizens meet and exchange
Building under the first-phase (by 2017)

Citizens and innovators exchange in freedom across fields and nationalities and create and experiment agendum for social innovation in this participatory place.

Business sites based on private capital (by 2017)

Walls that surround Seoul Innovation Park will be removed and open to the public for more innovation experiences. Innovation comes a step closer to citizens.

Space for children

For future Innovators
Culture Complex for Children (to be built in 2019)

Culture Complex for Children with a new concept will be built that cultivates children’s creativity and imagination and develops them for future innovators.

Space of history

All history of innovation of Seoul in one place
Seoul Metropolitan Archives (to be built in 2018)

A record management institution will be built where citizens can read Seoul’s main records from public to private ones.