Park tour

This tour gives an overview on the Seoul Innovation Park and the introductions to its physical place.

Social Innovation Platform For Innovators to Solve Civil Issues

Creation Park For Citizens with Opportunities to Learn and Play

The Park Tour is composed of a general introduction brief on Seoul Innovation Park and a visit to the shared spaces within the park.
The Park Tour does not introduce an individual organization in the park or include a visit to one. If you want an introduction and a visit to any organization in the park (intermediate support organization for Seoul City or individual innovation organization), please contact a relevant individual organization.

Seoul Innovation Park Self-guided Tour

You do not have to participate in the Park Tour program to visit the Park and witness the various activities happening within the Seoul Innovations various spaces. You can download the map of the Park and the Tour Guide, which includes suggested self-guided tour route, and enjoy your visit to the Park in a way that fits your interest most.

Please keep in mind in Seoul Innovation Park!

– All buildings and structures in Seoul Innovation Park are used for innovators’ workplaces, so take caution not to make a noise on a visit. Please keep yourself from taking photos thoughtlessly.

– Visit might be restricted due to events or training schedule.